If today you are interested in buying a Cane Corso puppy in Buckinghamshire, England, today I want to tell you about the best breed in the world, for me I am Juan Manuel Morato you are on the Cane Corso Barcelona website.

We have been puppy breeders of Cane Corso Italiano in Buckinghamshire, England, for 15 years and we have an incredible quality of Cane Corso puppies.

We are dedicated to the sale of Cane Corso Italiano puppies at the moment we have a new litter, we have gray and blue Cane Corso puppies available for you.

Today I want to tell you about the best breed for me that is the Italian Cane Corso Italian Mastiff, you have to train to know more about the Cane Corso and know when they offer you something of superior quality or instead is of inferior quality.



We work with the line of the world champion X Man which gives us an incredible quality of Puppies in in Buckinghamshire, England,

After 15 years working with the Cane Corso we have sold puppies in many parts of the world, we have also sold in

Hartfield (East Sussex), Henley-on-Thames (Oxfordshire), Much Hadham (Hertfordshire), Harpenden (Hertfordshire), Brockenhurst (Hampshire), 

Ascot (Berkshire), Windsor & Maidenhead (Berkshire9, Leatherhead (Surrey), 

The Italian Mastiff is in 2020 a little-known breed that will be in the majority soon although today an exclusive breed like the Ferrari.

If we have to point out a more important characteristic of Cane Corso I would say that it is intelligence accompanied by a spectacular mental and emotional balance therefore the Cane Corso is power with intelligence and control like the Ferrari of the dog breeds the cane corso.

If you are already sure that the Cane Corso is your ideal breed and you want to buy a Cane Corso puppy, it is important that you choose a breeder or a seller that does things well and ensures the health of your puppy.


cane corso puppy for sale in Buckinghamshire England

cane corso puppy for sale in Buckinghamshire England


It is very important to choose a healthy blood line, and that they give you all the certificates and adequate health guarantees.

The puppy’s living conditions are very important, because all this implies in the life of the adult Cane Corso, which means that feeding is very important, it is very very important that the puppy have room to move, I can do and exercise his muscles, In feeding is super important, not only for the cartilage and then the musculature and because all this does and contributes that the puppy has many contributions and does not lack anything but it affects the character and the puppy’s happiness.

The character of the puppy turned worse is forged at this age and is very important between birth and the first four months, which of course has a genetic component but also a component that can be worked on, so that the puppy has a better temperament and Better character and the future is a Cane Corso Adult with an incredible emotional and mental character.

As I mentioned before, the character influences, the character of the parents or genetics and even more I would say that the character of the grandparents and previous generations.

Up to five generations ago it can affect the character of our Cane Corso puppy.



Then, as I was saying, there is a part that you can work on that we call the socialization process, in this process this is socialization is important and breaking mental barriers so that the Puppy breaks its limitations and in the end we have an adult of Cane Corso with a character and an incredible and stable good temperament.

I hope that all this has helped you a lot, it is very valuable information, we are waiting to choose your Cane Corso Puppy from the line of our world champion and we work with the best professional shipping company we can take care of the entire shipping process and buy your Cane Corso puppy top  in Buckinghamshire, England,


cane corso puppy for sale in Buckinghamshire England

cane corso puppy for sale in Buckinghamshire England