This is the website of Cane Corso Barcelona my name is Juan Manuel Morato I am the owner of the X-Man world champion. We are dedicated to the sale of Cane Corso Italiano puppies in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we have cane corso puppy for sale in Albuquerque and we are  breeders of Italian mastiff in New Mexico , I tell you that we currently have a new litter of puppies available if you are interested in buying a Cane Corso puppy. Today gray and black Cane Corso puppies have been born, It is also born female Cane Corso puppies gray and blue in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is the best place to buy Cane Corso puppies in Benidorm because we are breeders of Cane Corso dog in  New Mexico

After many years raising Cane Corso we have many Cane Corso puppies in many countries, we have sold many Cane Corso puppies and we have them for sale for you and your family, in USA, US, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, Montana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma, Nevada, Alabama, Kentucky, Oregon, Kansas, Iowa, New Hampshire, NY, and Mississippi.



Today I want to talk to you about the Cane Corso Italiano, so that you can learn so you can learn a little more and at the end you can make a suitable choice of your wonderful Cane Corso puppy and see when they are offering you a much higher quality specimen or a puppy of low quality.

The Italian Cane Corso is a breed of large dog, on the go and tell people that they like big strong powerful dogs with a really nice aesthetic, but with a mental and emotional balance it is spectacular it is a dog with a very temperamental balanced, And that I would emphasize that the most important characteristic of the Cane Corso, is intelligence.



That intelligence of the Cane Corso in the race, in my opinion superior to the other races, Makes the Cane Corso work in any discipline, and it shows when the Cane Corso stands guard because they do it very intelligently, and in almost all aspects of Cane Corso’s daily life.

cane corso puppy for sale in Albuquerque and breeders of Italian mastiff in New Mexico

cane corso puppy for sale in Albuquerque and breeders of Italian mastiff in New Mexico


It is therefore I am Remarco again the intelligence of the Cane Corso the most important virtue.

That intelligence accompanied by a mental balance, a super stable and super balanced temperament make the Cane Corso one of the favorite breeds to be with family and children, both as a companion dog and as a breed of guard.

Those two points are those that fill Cane Corso Italiano a companion dog to be with the family of the children thanks to his intelligence and his emotionally stable temperament and character, and the intelligence that the channel uses to make the guard make it an especially attractive dog among all dog breeds in the world.



The Italian Cane Corso is a dog that likes to be indoors, the family life for the Cane Corso is wonderful, it is a dog that is happy being with its owner and owner as close as possible.

It is usual to see the Cane Corso on walks when you go, for example, to the forest for a walk that has a lot of space and many square meters, that practically does not separate from its owner or 1 m, other breeds of dogs leave 1 km and almost they lose you because they start running Ben space nature and they need to have freedom the Cane Corso is completely attached to its owner is something that when you go for a walk pleasantly surprised.

The Italian Cane Corso is a faithful dog with its friendly owner relaxed and calm, and that wonderful family dog ​​changes the chip at the moment, when he sees his family in danger he becomes that watchdog, like a lion and takes out his DNA , from its predecessor the great war dog, because the Cane Corso has in his DNA and in his bloodline the great Roman war dog.


The history of the Cane Corso, which comes from The Roman Dog was a feared beast in ancient Rome, it was common to see the dog of Rome in fights with animals such as bears and lions in the Colosseum, and it was also common to see the Roman dog in First line of battle accompanying the Roman legions, he was a close friend of the centurions of Rome.Tailor-made armor has been found for the Roman dog since he was in the front line of battle and thus protected him from the arrows and swords of his enemies.

Two world wars passed in between after the dog of Rome and the Cane Corso was on the verge of extinction he lived doing herding functions in the farmhouses of the peasants in the 60s and 70s in the Italian area of ​​Puglia, until a group of in love with the Cane Corso breed managed to recover a number of specimens.

I have been dedicated to Cane Corso for 15 years and I have to honor and thank all those wonderful breed lovers who are already in the history of Cane Corso today.

At this moment we are proud and happy because we have our X-man world champion, Our world champion has a wonderful character and that sets in all his cubs children of Cane Corso, he is a calm dog, Although guarding is a lion defending his family.

What are you waiting for to have one of our wonderful Cane Corso Puppies, we can send it to your city and with your family of your children, here is your ideal place Where to buy Cane Corso puppies in Benidorm because we are Cane Corso dog breeders in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


cane corso puppy for sale in Albuquerque and breeders of Italian mastiff in New Mexico

cane corso puppy for sale in Albuquerque and breeders of Italian mastiff in New Mexico