Welcome to a new blog post today I want to talk to you about some fundamental aspects that you have to take into account when buying a Cane Corso, for me the best breed in the world.

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I am Juan Manuel Morato and I have the pleasure to be the owner of one of the most recognized Cane Corso breeders in Topeka, United States and all over the world. This is thanks to my background and my world champion dog X-Man who has become a legend in the cane corso community, everyone wants a puppy from the X-Man line.

If you want to know the most important aspects to verify that your cane corso is of quality I invite you to read to the end…let’s see.

The best dog in the world: Cane Corso

There are four very important things you have to take into account when buying a cane corso puppy. For me, the most important would be to pay attention to health. Another fundamental thing is the temperament and character of your cane corso puppy.

Health is a very important part of the decision to buy a cane corso puppy. We have been working with the world champion X-Man line for many years, for me, the living legend of the cane corso. Our world champion X-Man gives us quality puppies and impressive health.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the other aspect that should be a priority when buying a cane corso puppy and that is temperament or character. The age of the puppies between 1 and 4 months marks what will be the cane corso in adulthood.

That is why our puppy park is so important, we have it adequate in the kennel. This space helps us in this important stage or age, in the park we can fix, solve and minimize any kind of character problem.

There are some puppies that come out a little bit weaker, more fearful and in our puppy park we work on them, improving and minimizing those fears. As a result we will have an adult with a balanced temperament.

For me it is clear that time, be it 15, 20, or 50 years, does not assure quality. The quality we have is impressive. There are many people who are doing the same as us, breeding cane corsos. Therefore, it is good that you go, that you look at it, that you compare because we are very sure of the quality and of the cane corsos that we have.

Another very important point is the conditions, and here I would include many things like for example the affection, with what affection they treat a puppy that later is going to be with your family and your children.

It is also very important the type of food that they are giving to your puppy.
cane corso puppy that from the first month to the first year, multiplies by 50 kilos the weight.

For that reason, it is very important the feeding and that it does not lack anything in the articular subject
and in the muscular issue. We have, today, one of the best facilities in the world, a paradise for
worldwide, a paradise for the cane corso. And this paradise for the cane corso is ruled by the king of the cane corso, X-Man, who is the head of the Roman empire of the cane corso.

We also have a recreation area for our puppies where they are incredibly well
where they can chew on toys, where we have a special area for the puppies to hook and pull toys, we have swings, we have a water area…. And it’s another one of the important areas of our cane corso paradise.

How would a mom take care of her child? She would spoil him, she would take care of him, she would give him the best, she would treat him to all the wonderful things. That’s how a mother takes care of her chicks, her puppies. That’s how we take care of our cane corsos, like a mom, like a dad. And, if you still have any doubts, I invite you to come and visit our cane corso’s paradise.

We have one of the most important facilities worldwide for the Cane Corsican breed, an exercise area for puppies where they will break their minds with changes of texture, spaces and a swimming pool.

We also have the physical playground where they can find balls and swings. All this, believe it or not, helps in the socialization work, helps to break the mind and also allows them to do sports in the track that we have adequate.

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If you made it this far then you have already identified the most important characteristics that you should keep in mind if you want to look for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Topeka, United States.

I hope you liked the information, remember to leave me your comments and as always it is a pleasure for me to provide you with all this information… see you soon.