Welcome to a new blog entry, today I want to explain some topics about the Cane Corso and in general about dogs. My favorite breed you already know is the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff but equally all dogs for me deserve admiration, love, care and respect.

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Well, I will begin to resolve issues of general interest about the Cane Corso and dogs, let’s see.

Stray dog vs. elite dog.

The truth is that it is a shame that there are stray dogs and that people abandon them, this has no words. The differences between stray dogs and elite dogs can be seen at a glance, it is not the same a stray dog that can be malnourished and malnourished than an elite dog that is super well fed, that has all the maximum, that is given salmon oil, that is given the best feed, that its feeding is primordial, that is given a natural diet. This is a dog that is prepared to compete against others in beauty as well as in other types of attitudes.

Here we are not talking about who deserves more affection or less affection, obviously any animal deserves the best because animals are the best, even better than many people and they will never fail you.

What I am referring to in this text is the visual differences in the subject of feeding
because it is very clear that they are very noticeable. Many people say that stray dogs are much more intelligent than any purebred dog and I think that in a way they may be right because it is an animal that is breaking its mental barriers and every day has to be more intelligent to see how to look for food and a purebred dog has food practically assured.

There are many more differences that we can have on this aspect if you want to mention any remember to write it in the comments.

Is a trained or untrained dog more dangerous?

There are many people who ask me if it is very dangerous to have a dog trained to bite and the truth is that my answer would be no, it is much better to have a trained dog, besides the dogs trained for the defense guard have a lot of work and many hours of training.

A defense dog I would compare it to a camera because the trained dog would be focused on its target, it would know what to do, it would identify the danger. On the other hand, a trained dog would be unfocused in this aspect and more focused on his family and the danger that one of them may have. Dogs smell the bad intentions of people, for example many times a friend or a half acquaintance comes in and one of my dogs does not like or does not accept him, when this happens for me it is a warning sign not because they are going to attack him but because the dogs have a developed instinct and they indicate me that I should be careful with this person.

In my opinion it is much more difficult to be bitten by a trained dog than by an untrained one because trained dogs are reminded and worked on daily.
daily, it is a dog that you feel more comfortable with at home and with the family.

Is it better to live with a cat or a Cane Corso dog?

One of the characteristics I emphasize about cats is that they don’t make a fuss, only sometimes when they want something, but in general dogs are more outrageous than cats.

Who is more affectionate? I don’t know, I’m not doubting because a cat is a wonderful thing and is affectionate but a dog is too. Although the truth is that a cat is much more independent, for example it doesn’t need walks, it’s not necessary to take a cat out three times a day like a dog.

Dogs need much more activity, there are breeds of dogs like the German Shepherd that need a lot of sport, a cat does not.

A cat for example does not need you to go home every day to take it out, it is enough if it has its own space to do its needs. A dog needs a little more of dedication because of the walks and sports. A cat normally has a calmer energy, especially when they are adults.

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I hope you liked today’s blog, I’d love to read you in the comments. Remember if you are interested in finding Cane Corso puppies for sale in Madison, United States just contact me. See you next time.