Today we are going to talk about the health of the Cane Corso, I have been searching and looking if there is enough written information but I have not seen a video or a specialized content talking about the health of the Italian Mastiff, so I want to explain a little bit and in clear words so that it becomes easy to understand. I like to create very good and unique content.

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The health of the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a super strong dog, it is incredibly strong and does not complain about almost anything. The first thing I want to emphasize is that there is no disease that is of the breed, you may wonder what this means, what I mean is that the Cane Corso does not have some kind of specific disease like other breeds.

We can talk for example about dysplasia, it is a very low percentage of Cane Corso dogs that may have it, that does not mean that a case does not arise, it may have a super clean genetic line but this is never a 100% guarantee that the dog does not have any disease although the probability is minimal.

I am not a veterinary expert but for the subject of the diseases a lot of factors influence and among them apart from the parents or the genetics, there is the feeding, the temperature, the humidity, among others.

I have seen Cane Corso that can have some problem like a tumor for example and you don’t find out until the last minute. I have seen Cane Corso’s that can have some problem like a tumor for example and not know it until the last minute, but there are few cases because as I mentioned before it is a breed that has practically no health problems.

It is a breed that every day is getting better and better and we are in 2019. we are in 2019 hopefully in 2025 when someone will talk to me about dysplasia or say that in what era it was because the Cane Corsos no longer have any of this.

Can the cane corso get exercise?

Is the cane corso a good dog to go out and exercise? The cane corso is a spectacular breed for sport, for exercise. It is an incredible breed for the water, it is a breed that loves the water and even more so if you get them used to it from the time they are puppies. You can swim, you can play in the pools with them and they are spectacular. I have videos of many cane corsos in the pool and enjoying the water.

Although everything has its process. At the beginning, it takes a little bit to get them used to it. It takes 4, 5, 6 sessions and sometimes, when you get them used to it, you don’t escape from some scratches.
Be very careful with the exercise of the puppies, we have to take into account that the cane corso grows too fast. At the beginning, a puppy with 3 months can be in 15-20 kilos and with a year we plant in 50 or 40 and some kilos.

Then, it is in the first year, that the cane corso has this accelerated growth, it is good that he has tranquility. It is not possible to run 20 kilometers because that is an outrage.

Can they go for walks? Of course, can they run and play for a while? Yes, but, for example, they can’t do a half marathon or a half marathon or something like that, not that.

When he’s an adult can he do a marathon? Of course because it’s an amazing breed to do sports. I have some friends who have cane corso and they are triathletes, and the dog is a bull.

It’s an incredible breed for sport whether it’s in the mountains, in the pool, in the water? And it is obviously not a breed like a bulldog that does a little run and that’s it, it is a good breed for exercise and, above all, as I said before, in the puppy stage it is better to take the physical activity with more tranquility, without doing crazy things to prevent them from getting hurt by any gesture in the hip, shoulders, elbows…

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Well, I hope you liked this video. I hope it expands, that it reaches many places, that it reaches people who are interested in the content and that they like it and can enjoy the best breed in the world. Best regards. See you soon in the next article.