Welcome to a new blog article, today we are going to talk about how dogs can protect our babies, it has been repeated many times in history that dogs protect us, when a dog recognizes us as part of the family obviously it becomes your protector, it is a guardian both to protect the parents, the child or the baby.
When a dog recognizes us as part of the family, obviously he becomes your protector, he is a guardian to protect the parents, as well as the child or the baby.

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The Cane Corso is a spectacular dog both inside and out, one of the most important aspects to highlight is its balanced temperament and this is a great help for socialization with babies. Do you want to know more about it? let’s see…

Tips for a Cane Corso to accept and protect your baby at home.

The subject of babies is a much more remarkable aspect, you have to be more cautious with dogs and babies, it is important not to let the dog get jealous of the baby. The dog has to see the baby as something good and as a member of the family, not as someone who is stealing the limelight, caresses and affection.

The moment the dog feels that the baby is not a part of the family but an enemy that is stealing its attention, it can become a problem.
The only thing we have to do is that our Cane Corso or any other breed does not see the baby as a rival, that it does not feel that it is competing with the baby and then we will have the most wonderful thing in the world, we will achieve that the Cane Corso becomes a guardian and a protector of another member of the family.

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff will not let anyone raise his hand to the baby because he is part of the family, he is part of the family nucleus so he will protect it as if it were part of him, as if it were his own puppy, as if it were more than his life.

Throughout history there have been many precious cases of dogs that protect the baby even with their lives, it is very nice to see how the dog gives everything without expecting anything in return. This situation is great for both the baby and its owner.

I think that in this aspect dogs, especially the Cane Corso, are better than people because they give everything without looking for anything in return, we humans always expect to get something with this and that, the dog does not, he does it for love and without looking for a reward.

Many times people do something expecting a reward, dogs don’t, they do it without expecting anything in return, they are much better than us.

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