Today I want you to know more about two breeds that I find fascinating, the Cane Corso and the Brazilian Mastiff, two guard dogs par excellence that because of their physical structure and character excel in this task of caretakers.

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After this brief introduction I want to get into the subject so you can know in depth the qualities, advantages and differences between the Cane Corso and the Brazilian Mastiff. I will explain you everything below.

Cane Corso VS Brazilian Mastiff

The Brazilian Mastiff is another of the recognized guard breeds in the world and although there are other important breeds like the Doberman and Rottweiler, for me, without a doubt, the most impressive and powerful are the Cane Corso and the Brazilian Mastiff.

Both are very similar breeds and I consider them the two best as far as guard dogs are concerned, although the biggest difference is that the Cane Corso is more suitable for the family, it is more adapted to the home. For example, if someone comes to your house the Cane Corso warns that there is a new person but the Brazilian Mastiff could attack the stranger. The Cane Corso does not bite at first, it takes its time, first it constantly warns.

If you are single, childless or a business man or woman the Brazilian Mastiff fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Let’s say you want to protect your home and keep people out, the Brazilian Mastiff is perfect for this type of work.

On the other hand, if you have family and children at home my recommendation is a Cane Corso because it has a more balanced temperament, loves home life and is very respectful and patient with children.

In general, both dogs are fantastic for protecting the home and the family!

Qualities of cane corso dogs in Portsmouth

The Cane Corso is a close and protective dog with his family, in addition he is very calm, intelligent, and super observant, therefore he analyzes very well the situations to provide the best protection to his loved ones.

The size of Cane Corso males can reach up to 68 cm and females up to 64 cm high. The coat is short and very shiny, its color can be black, different shades of gray, light or dark fawn or dark brindle or striped. It has striking eyes that are just as dark as its hair color. It is a very strong dog, agile and with a very elegant bearing.

One of the greatest qualities of the Cane Corso is its balanced and calm temperament, but in case he feels a threat to his family, he will always protect it. He is very affectionate and attached to his family, he likes to play even with children but he also knows when it is necessary to stop and take distance.

In its origins it was used as a hunting dog and although nowadays few people use it for this, it is true that it is one of its strengths.

Cane Corso loves the outdoors but can also adapt to living in an apartment as long as his three daily walks are respected so that he can disconnect, relax and exercise.

Brazilian Mastiff Qualities

The Brazilian Mastiff is a very faithful dog with his social circle but in general he is not very friendly with strangers. He has a very strong character so it is necessary that he has a firm education but with positive methods to avoid that he develops an aggressive temperament.

Aesthetically I can tell you that the size of a male can reach 75 cm and a female 70 cm. His coat is short and soft and can be variegated, fawn or black.

The Brazilian Mastiff is characterized by being tall and very agile, has a large head, massive and proportionate to the body. It has beautiful large eyes that can be brown or yellowish. The ears are wide and hanging in a V shape.

As for his character, he is a very affectionate dog with his family and loves to be caressed, he is very playful although I recommend not to do too extreme physical activities because his joints could suffer.

In general he is very calm but when he perceives the danger he becomes a little fearful. As I mentioned before, he is a guard dog although he can also be a great help for hunting and taking care of the cattle.