canecorso italian mastiff new york

canecorso italian mastiff new york


WE are very happy after many years have amazing CANE CORSO ITALIAN MASTIFF NEW YORK

we send the last puppies to CANE CORSO ITALIAN MASTIFF NEW YORK .

we love new york and our clients

Cane corso italiano is  the best breed.

Our cane corsos , cane corso is medium to large in size, very robust and strong, but elegant at the same time.

We are in Barcelona Spain , we send cane corso to all the world.


The head is wide and slightly convex in its anterior part. The mid-frontal sulcus is evident and the naso-frontal depression well marked. The nose is black and the snout is notoriously shorter than the skull. The eyes are medium, ovoid, slightly protruding and dark in color. The ears are triangular, hanging and high insertion.

Ours cane corso italiano in new york are with body is strong and robust, but not chubby. we have black cane corsos , cane corso gray, light fawn, dark fawn.

We have 20 years working in the Character of ours the corso cane.

0ur corsos , cane corso are very good guardians, whether to protect the family, livestock or property. Qualities related to big game and livestock are also sought.

Our cane corsos in New york very protective. Create a very close bond with your family, especially with the children, whom you care for and protect. Unlike other dogs of these characteristics, the corso cane is exceptionally patient and careful, watches the movements with the smallest ones so as not to damage them. It is also a dog very athletic, loves to exercise, so it is ideal for active families and experienced in basic obedience and dog handling. On the contrary, at home it is usually quite calm. we love our cane corso in new york

It is distant with strangers and they are usually very sure of themselves, acting in a proportionate way at all times. Do not forget that this description may vary depending on the education received by the dog, however these are some general guidelines of the behavior that usually shows.