One of the most common questions that people have when buying a Cane Corso dog in Dudley, England is related to its training. Today I want to tell you that a Cane Corso is very easy to train so you will not have problems in this aspect.

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Before starting to go deeper into the training of a Cane Corso I want to remind you that we are probably one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Dudley, England. 

Within our dogs we have X-Man, the international champion, our puppies come from him and this assures us an extraordinary breed. Besides, you will take home one of the best Cane Corso dogs in the whole world. Great, isn’t it?

Training of a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff in Dudley

Training a Cane Corso is a simple task and this is because it is a breed that is too intelligent and extremely balanced. In several occasions I have mentioned that for me it is the ferrari of the dogs because it has a lot of power and balance. 

If a Cane Corso is trained by a professional in playground it is much easier, but if you are not a professional trainer you can also do it, everything depends on the knowledge you have about the dogs, you have to have the capacity to analyze well the actions of the Cane Corso and to anticipate them.

This breed is super intelligent, I for example tell X-Man (one of my dogs) not to enter the kitchen and he doesn’t, or not to get on the couch and he doesn’t…words like NO, YES, GO, among others they understand them perfectly.

I highly recommend training in positive at all times even to teach them basic things, if you do not have any knowledge about dogs can be a little more complicated for you but still not impossible, on the other hand if you already have some knowledge and experience with dogs will be much easier.

There are very complicated dogs or breeds such as primitive dogs or Nordic dogs that although they are very smart they are also very detached and do what they want. On the other hand, the Corsican cane, besides having that extra intelligence (which I would say more than the Nordic ones), is also very sensitive to its master and to what he indicates. 

In my case, when I scold X-Man a bit strongly because he did something he shouldn’t have, he listens but gets a bit angry with me, when he sees me he turns around and turns his back on me, it is a reaction that causes me a lot of curiosity, he is very sensitive and seems like a person, it is incredible and always surprises me pleasantly.

What I mean by this is that when you have to teach him something he learns very quickly but his intelligence is so much that he also knows how to tease you.

In our kennels of dogs Cane Corso of Dudley, England we have trained many dogs, that’s why we can tell you that it is super simple that they understand the orders to sit and stand. Also, they learn very quickly to walk on a leash, something that in a week they learn, that depends a lot on you and the experience you have with the dogs.

If you have little experience with dogs you can implement certain things, for example, if you want him to learn to go on a leash remember not to force the situation, have a good energy and reward him with sweet ham, a cookie or with a lot of love. Repeat this about three times and you will surely notice the difference.

The training for the subject of beauty exhibitions is very easy too, in reality you only have to learn to perform two positions and to walk well with the strap, this a Cane Corso learns quickly.

For other, more complicated training, such as hippodrome training, a more in-depth and specialized training is required, but it is not something that takes more time and perseverance. I think it would be very good if Cane Corso had more visibility in this area, I hope that in a few years it will have more participation.

Also, Cane Corso learns at an incredible speed to perform obedience, sports or agility activities. Few Cane Corsos are trained for this type of activity and the truth is that this breed has all the potential to do so.

Finally, I would like to give you a preview of a project that I consider very important for me and for the Cane Corso. I have been contacted because possibly the Italian Mastiff will work and accompany women who have been mistreated, it is a medium or long term project but for me it would be a great joy to carry it out.

 I am sure that Cane Corso would be an ideal company for this group of women and would help them a lot in their process. This breed is very intelligent and balanced and knows very well how to adapt and behave in different situations, for this and for many other reasons in the best breed in the world for this purpose.