When you are in the task of buying a resource you are in the right place. My name is Juan Manuel Morato  and I am from Corsos de X-Man We have the best Cane Corso in the world.

We can send to you in Victoria Canada from Barcelona them to any other side of the world, we take care of everything, passport documents and everything that corresponds to customs so that your wonderful puppy reaches you. The process is a simple process after the last payment the puppy arrives at the cargo area of ​​your airport in Victoria Canada, only you with your passport or your identity document can pick up the puppy.


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The Italian Cane Corso is the best breed in the world is the best guardian for children for the family. It is a dog with a medium energy is not a boxer that has a much higher energy a strong energy.

Cane Corso is active away from home, you can play sports go to the beach for walks, run etc., inside the house it is very quiet, he puts himself in his place and likes to be resting with his family with his family.

It is a dog that does not have excessive activity is an average activity, It is not a breed that begins to break everything,


buy dog cane corso in Victoria Canada and cane corso puppies for sale in Victoria Canada

buy dog cane corso in Victoria Canada and cane corso puppies for sale in Victoria Canada


it is surprising that puppies behave almost like adults are calm and especially because of the growth they sleep a lot.
The hair of Cane Corso does not cause allergy is one of the questions they frequently ask me and I have to say that the hair of Cane Corso does not produce any allergy,

this is a very good topic because there are many people who suffer from all this type of Allergies, so to say that with Cane Corso there is no type of problem with this hair and Cane Corso is hypo allergic.

Also the Corsican cane does not usually lose much hair is a breed that does not loose much hair is a short hair and that if we brush it every month

or every 15 days we do not have much hair at home which is an annoying thing that sometimes help hair races long that they lose and lose and lose hair that look like balls of wool.

The Cane Corso is not a short hair and it does not bother. In short the best race in the world we are at your disposal at your disposal to be able to solve all doubts and I send you a big hug and thank you