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You are interested in buying a puppy of the best breed, from the line of the world champion X-Man.

You can buy your new cane corso puppy in San Francisco – California.

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We have the best puppies in the world. These moments we have two wonderful litters, From the bloodline of the world champion X-Man.

We have the best cane corso in history, X-Man World Champion.

Are you ready for a quality puppy? Contact us for 20 years loving cane corso.

we have 20 years Working the character of our bloodline.

It is important that when you are looking for your Cane Corso puppy you decide for the best you decide for the best quality is Cane Corso puppies you decide to look for the best Cane Corso breeders in the world therefore you are in the right place you will have to Your super puppy of Cane Corso.

Our quality is maximum, our puppies are top, which is the difference from something excellent to something of low quality, normally the price in the cane corso puppy is worth more.

You have been working the character for many years, our bloodline is sure that we do many quality controls.

We have been doing our dream with cane corso for many years and years.

Our clients guarantee us.

All over the world!

Clients are the smartest, and he knows what he wants, and wants good.

We do a professional sociability work, with the correct phases, pampering everything we do.

Feeding is very important for us, we feed our puppies with a top feed, it is very important for the development of such a large breed dog, especially for cane corso.

There are people who give poor quality food, junk food to their puppies.

Our puppies are very large in weight and height and have a beastly growth of a italian mastiff puppy is… ..something that will always be inside the puppy, many problems of vitamin contributions in growth,

We work with a safe line that gives us maximum safety in health.




(verified, I mean that they are proven, with a character of many generations, without fear or aggressiveness, and tested in health)

Searching for a cane corso puppy, wanting to buy a member of the new family is something important, a cane corso puppy is something unique and excited,

That is why, as I said above, it should be something nice and that it works out well, not that it is a problem for the family. It is very importantly also look at other screams for the search.

These criteria vary from the character, size, consideration of the space of our house … But we must have other important aspects to consider, such as the genetic morphology of the dog we choose.

We always have to make sure that when we choose the place to buy our cane corso puppy, the breeder knows the breed perfectly, who is a professional breeder, why?

Because he knows his work well and knows everything he needs and more, we also find some non-professional people who take off from the sale of the puppy disappear and never again take the phone, for nothing, and we can not solve our doubts.

It is very important to buy from a professional person, also make sure you have an affix, it will always provide more confidence and more guarantee when you buy the cane corso puppy.

Transparency is paramount, so the breeder you chose does not have to have any problem when it comes to showing you the parents of your puppy, cane corso because in this way you can know the line of the puppy.

Our bloodline and our cane corso puppies are based on

Legendary brutus X-man, world champion.


Buy dog Cane corso in San Francisco - California and cane corso puppies for sale in San Francisco - California.04



A legend alive in the breed, which gives us wonderful Corso puppies.

The breed is the best in the world, it has no comparison, it has everything we normally look for.

There is nothing that compares to having a Corsican cane puppy.

We already have wonderful cane corsos inSan Francisco – California. thousands of happy customers.

1) why a cane corso cane de corso cane?

because he is faithful, powerful but very well prepared, he is a dog for the family, he protects the family,

It is not a dog to have it in a field alone,no.

He is an intelligent dog, I always say almost too intelligent, bold, loves his own, quickly takes over his house and does the guard very well.

He is a guardian of the family and one more member of the family, he is one more.