The best place to find your cane corso puppy, we have the best in the world.
From the line of the world beauty champion X-man.
We are in Barcelona and can ship worldwide, of course to Coventry-England-UK.
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Buy dog ​​cane corso in Coventry England -UK and cane corso puppies for sale3



It is very important to address or contact the breeder (we always speak of course of a professional breeder and with everything in order at the legal level) and tell him why and why you want to buy a Cane Corso, what are you looking for in him / her, what character would you like That the dog had, where he will live and let you advise.

In Cane Corso Barcelona we are 100% involved with the litter and the relationship with their parents during the first 5/6 months of life, that gives us a perfect understanding of each puppy and its characteristics (active, passive, energetic, vital, quiet …) Depending on what you want or need in Cane Corso Barcelona we will always help you choose your perfect puppy so that your experience is unique and wonderful since the link will be for a lifetime.



Buy dog ​​cane corso in Coventry England -UK and cane corso puppies for sale1




Both themes are linked in the pedigree of cane corso.

In cane corso we live daily with “them” from birth, we perform a series of essential tasks so that their quality, health and beauty are at their best, starting with their diet (completely natural organic market made in our installations manually), following for its sociability, treating the sounds, the touches, the games, the exercise… all this in an enabled and adequate space so that its growth and development is unbeatable. Possibly we have the largest facilities in Europe for the breeding of cane corso puppies.


It is one of the best guardian and family dogs there is.

Of very large size of medium / large size, of extreme intelligence, with imposing appearance, of short fur.

Non-dangerous cataloged breed (recommendation to always make civil liability insurance, for any animal and breed) although it is always essential to create limits and make an animal understand that the leader is you, so that their education is correct and desired.



Buy dog ​​cane corso in Coventry England -UK and cane corso puppies for sale




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