In today’s article I will talk about Cane Corso customers, the stories I have experienced with them and tell you a little about exactly what they look for when they want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Swindon, England.

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We are one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Swindon, England and worldwide thanks to our experience and the line of puppies of our world champion X-Man.

After this brief introduction I would like to talk to you about the needs of my clients and the experiences they have had with Cane Corso. Let’s see…


What clients want and what are their experiences with Cane Corso

Each client is a world, each person is looking for different things, but what is really important and fundamental is that each client must be clear about what they want. Some simply tell me that they want a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff dog and do not have many other requirements.

On the other hand, there are customers who already have advanced knowledge of the breed and have already had Cane Corso dogs so they are more specific with their preferences, some want a quality puppy, others tell me that they do not want a dog to compete and believe that for this reason the puppy should be worth less money.

In these cases I believe that quality should always exist whether the dog is bought for competition or as a companion to the home. Therefore, it is not enough that just anyone buys your dogs, a good breeder looks for someone with integrity and who is professional and if he is a good person much better.

The Cane Corso needs a good job from birth to 45 days of age, both in feeding and in education to make it a powerful, healthy and balanced dog. It is not the same to feed or educate a Cane Corso as a Chihuahua, for example, the expenses and investment are greater, Italian Mastiff is a dog that can weigh up to 70 kilos, special care must be taken in the kennel to guarantee the health of its bones as it is a large dog that can suffer from arthritis in a few cases.

In short, all the care taken is multiplied by ten if we compare it with small breed dogs and this is an important point that clients should analyse.

Other customers have told me that the dog will be a member of the family and they place a value on it, therefore they do not skimp on the value of the Cane Corso because they know they will have a dog of a spectacular and quality breed.

In general, I would very much like all customers to be specific about what they want, a male or female or a special colour in the Cane Corso if they want a blue, formentine colour or they can also select by character, for example a leader or non-leader dog.

You have to think about what I want, what is good for me or for my family, what I need, for example if you want a dog to accompany your children or for sport, etc.

I want to tell you an anecdote with one of my clients, his name is Emilio and he lives in Miami, he buys me a spectacular female of grey colour that he decides to call Havana. From there he makes me the international payment and he tells me that with this money he assures the reserve of the dog. The days passed and to me the money did not arrive, Emilio had to go to the bank and it turns out that the American government had the payment retained because in the reference it said PAGO HABANA, and from this country payments to Havana are restricted, which generated confusion.

The truth was an experience that later caused us a lot of fun, Emilio is a great person and we have confidence in each other so we were sure that there was some problem at the bank.

Another funny anecdote is with my client Carlos who contacted me to buy a Cane Corso for his son Luca who indicated that the dog had to be from my kennel. Carlos did not have much knowledge about the breed but he had the specifications that his son had given him in terms of colour, character and so on. Today they have a beautiful female and the whole family has become fans of the breed because the dog is very well educated and has a very good character.

To all these experiences I give a lot of value, for me it is a great satisfaction to know that my clients are happy with their Cane Corsos. This is because the quality of our breeders of Cane Corso in Swindon, England is due to the line of puppies that X-Man is giving, it is impressive, and also to the great work and experience that we have with the breed.