Do you know what you need to travel with your Cane Corso to another country? If your answer is no or you have some doubts about it I invite you to read until the end of this article.

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After this brief description I want to go into detail and explain you what are the necessary requirements for you to travel with your Italian Mastiff without problems. I know that a dog is a member of the family and we want them to enjoy many experiences and trips with us and for these reasons I decided to write this article… let’s see.

Requirements to travel with a Cane Corso in Southend-on-sea

  • International passport for dogs: The Cane Corso or dogs in general need an international passport when they are going to travel outside their country, this is an additional requirement to the passbook. When travelling nationally, the passport is sufficient in some countries, but each country has its own requirements and it is best to find out about these before you start your journey with your Cane Corso.
  • Up-to-date vaccinations: when travelling to other countries, it is important and a priority to have a rabies vaccination, which must be given 3 months and 21 days before your trip. Two more vaccinations are also necessary, the first one is for parvovirus and the second one is to counteract 7 dog diseases.
  • You need that your Italian Mastiff has the microchip and these numbers are registered, if the dog is lost in the city or place of travel with these numbers will be possible to find it. There is a veterinary register in every area of the country and in every region.
  • Deworming: You will be asked to keep up to date with deworming, which is classified as internal deworming. The most common is Drontal Plus, which is a special pill for internal parasites. On the other hand there are the external parasites, ideal for fleas and ticks, the most common is the Frontline.
  • Official health certificate: this document is issued by a vet, it is a certificate which states that the dog has been checked within 24 to 48 hours and that there are no wounds, colds, etc. in general it indicates that the dog is in optimum health conditions for travelling.

On the other hand, there are countries which have other requirements and where travel with your Cane Corso is more tedious in terms of regulations.

In my experience, if you are going to travel there from Europe, you will be required to take between four and five blood tests to confirm that the dog does not have certain diseases and a blood test that reflects the levels or values of the vaccinations and this value must correspond to those already stipulated in their regulations.

Bear in mind that countries such as Australia and New Zealand are islands and protect their fauna very much, which is why they are so demanding in this respect, because they seek to protect all their species and prevent a dog or any other animal from harming their fauna.

To travel in Europe is easier, you need to have up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, a certificate and an international passport. There are countries within Europe that are a little more complicated, such as Israel, because they also require the tests
serological tests for rabies.

Travelling to the United States from Europe is not so complicated, they require an international passport, up-to-date vaccinations and a veterinary health certificate. You must then go to customs to have everything certified as correct.

There are probably many things you need to investigate depending on the countries you want to travel to with your Cane Corso, but the ones I have mentioned are the most general. In any case, I recommend that you do some research beforehand so that you can confirm if there are any additional requirements in the destination country.

In the case of journeys to countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico from Europe, the requirements are very similar to those for journeys on European territory.

I hope the information has been useful and that from now on you can travel with your Cane Corso all over the world. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment and I will be happy to read you. See you next time!