Each person can have a Cane Corso puppy perfect to their lifestyle or preferences, the important thing is that you define those priority points for you and let me know, so I can help you choose the best one for you. If you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Swansea, Wales just click on the following link:

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Remember that one of the greatest guarantees of our puppies is that they come from the X-Man world champion line. In addition, our breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Swansea, Wales are characterized by their years of experience and by providing extraordinary quality to the breed.

In this article I will detail some important aspects that you should take into account when choosing your Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff, let’s see…

6 points you must take into account to choose a Cane Corso in Swansea

As I have already mentioned many times and I do not get tired of saying it is that for me Cane Corso is the ferrari of the big breed dogs because of its power and balance. Besides, it is the security guard of the family and for me the best breed in the world, for sure you will soon say the same.

If in your mind is hovering the idea of buying a Cane Corso in Swansea, Wales I recommend you to consider these 6 points:

1. Identify what you want: you have to think what you really want because there are several options and you need to tell me what kind of Cane Corso you want: grey, brown, puppy, etc. If you want some advice, when I go to choose a puppy I have as priority the quality, health and character of the dog. Whatever is important is that you have it clear.

2. It is important for you to live with the puppies day by day: if you are one of those people looking for a dog to leave on a farm for several days, Cane Corso is not the right dog for you. It is essential that the puppy has a process of socialization and that it has day-to-day contact with its family. It is super important that during the 4 months the Cane Corso gets used to the visits at home, the noises, among others. This is part of its socialization process, besides the work we do in our breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Swansea, Wales in this matter, it is essential that when the puppy is at home it lives and lives with its family. You learn to know how he is, how he reacts to certain situations, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, in conclusion an incredible bond is created.

3. Select a Cane Corso by character: this is a point that many people take into account at least in our kennel. Some people tell me they want a dog with a strong leader character, that is recognized in the litter. Others tell me they want a dog that is a follower and has a softer character.

4. By color: some people want a gray, yellow, brindle or formentine dog. Some are so specific that they tell me they want a fawn dog or a black dog with a white spot, I have no problem with that, the important thing is that you tell me what you want. Some people have even told me that they want a dog similar to X-Man and of course I can give you one like that.

5. Selection by quality or type: this case refers to its physical or aesthetic structure, if it has a shorter or longer nose, if it has the right angles of the head, how is its structure, if it has a solid back, how does it have the tail insertion, how does it have the hands, the supports and the front and back angulation.

6. By energy level: if you live in an apartment you can choose a dog with a calmer energy level, go out with him three times a day and then be comfortably at home. If you are a person who wants to work with the Cane Corso, take it to exhibitions or go out constantly to exercise with it, for example, you can choose a dog with high energy and that is in more constant movement.

You can also combine selection options, for example you can tell me that you want a dog in gray color with a leader character, if I have it I will inform you about it and show it to you, but maybe there is a case in which I tell you that I have a gray dog but with a follower character or a black dog with a leader character.

Sometimes the combination you want between character, quality and/or color is not available at the moment, you decide if you choose between the options I have or if you wait until I have one with the exact characteristics you have defined.