The Cane Corso is a very imposing breed, at first glance it may seem a little serious and even dangerous but the truth is that the Italian Mastiff has a very balanced temperament, is loving with his family, likes to be accompanied, is an excellent friend for children … in short … I could stay here mentioning thousands of virtues. I consider that many people have another perception of the Cane Corso because of the information that is spread on the web, unreliable information, so today I want to make a call to protect the Cane Corso and the information that is spread about him.

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Now yes, after this introduction I want to start going into details, I want to make a call so that the information and content that is disclosed about the Cane Corso is of value. You want to know what I think about it and how we can help to improve this situation… then read to the end… let’s see.

Protecting Cane Corso breed information

Today I share with you a new blog post, as always with unique content, content made by and for Cane Corso lovers. Today I would like to talk about one thing that is important that all of us who love and have our hearts set on this breed, for me the best breed in the world, should do. It would be very important to try to find ways to protect our breed, what does this mean? I mean to protect the information about the breed.

Surely there are not many channels of information, not many people who are able to stand in front of a camera and express their opinion and talk and train other people. We have monsters with very broad information content such as google and youtube, so if we let the information be handled by people who do not have much criteria or knowledge about the subject, the information starts to be distorted.

For example, I have seen information where they say that the blind Roman dog is a very fierce dog.
the case is a very fierce, strong and direct dog, then we the people who really love the breed from the soul have to do something because we cannot let someone do something like that.
someone do something like that.

Obviously we have no control over what a person publishes or not and something that sometimes becomes counterproductive is that google gives a brutal relevance to youtube and bad information can get out of our control.

The worst thing is that when someone searches for information about the Cane Corso and finds videos where they say that it is a breed that eats everything, that it is as fierce as a lion, etc. we can not do anything. I do not think it is convenient to put comments on the video, what we should do is to try that those who really know about the breed spread quality information, as I am doing on my YouTube channel where we express the truth, what we feel and live with the Cane Corso, our experience of many years with the breed, this practice is a way to protect the information, it is a way to do good to the breed, it is reliable information, correct.

I think this is something that should be done by many more people in each country, I think there should be clubs in Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, etc. that are dedicated to regulate the information that comes out in the videos.

I think it is very well that a person can have nuances of how is the character of the Cane Corso or how it is evolving but at least should have a minimum knowledge and not copied from a text or reading a text behind with the sole purpose of increasing their visits to YouTube.

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