buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona

//buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona
  • buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona

buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona

When you start searching for buy a new Puppy in Chandler, Arizona, Usa. cane corso for your family. You have already chosen the Cane Corso as the best reason for you, for me it is without a doubt the best Breed in the world. So if you are interested in the best breed in the world we can offer you the best puppies at the moment of Cane Corso in Chandler, Arizona. We work with the best Line in the world, the line of the world champion X-Man, we have wonderful Cane Corso Puppies Female, wonderful male Cane Corso puppies and also all the colors available at the moment Cane Corso puppies gray blue and Cane Puppies Corso Negro we also have Cane Corso Formentino puppies. We have happy clients throughout all USA, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Dakota, Minessota, Iowa, Utah, New Mexico, Arkansas,Mississippi, Maine and Tennessee. Above all, it is important that you inform yourself, and that you form yourself before making a purchase and repenting your whole life, because when you do not know or understand or have eyes to see if you are blind with the Cane Corso. That is why it is very important that you have knowledge about the Cane Corso breed to make a purchase in Los Angeles, California, USA, From your puppy so that you can be very happy, because remember that a Cane Corso lives approximately 12 years. You are going to buy a life partner for 12 years, imagine how important it is that you take a little of your time to have knowledge and have eyes to see quality or low quality. You have to know well the great breed that is the Cane Corso. The Italian Cane Corso is for me the best breed in the world even for all my friends and for all the people who already know the Cane Corso. The truth is that all the clients after having their Cane Corso speak wonders of the breed, today I want you to know more about the character of the Cane Corso, how he is, how he does the guard and how he behaves. I also wanted you to know what the differences are, between buying a male Cane Corso or conversely buying a female Cane Corso, is it the same? The truth is that it has nothing to do with a male or a female. If they are the same race, they are Cane Corso, both Cane Corso Male and Cane Corso Female, but it has nothing to do with how they behave in size, structure and way of thinking. A female for example makes the guard even different than the male, I have seen difficult situations where the Male goes for the person who enters, when for example a stranger has entered the house and the female stays in front of you in front of your family it does not move, it is like the female wants to protect the family and does not move from the side of her loved ones when I see a strange and strange situation, and it is only the male who goes towards, the stranger who tries to enter the house or that for them it is someone they don’t know.I have also said in some blogs in some Videos that I compare the male of Cane Corso with a lion, and the female of Cane Corso I compare it with a lioness of Cane Corso, All of you who more or less know how lions behave can do the simile now, the lioness is the one that is always around the perimeter doing the guard moves more is the one that makes the house and the male spends much more time sleeping and without doing excessively much work. Now when there is a difficult situation,



buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona

buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona


it is the male who stands up and who hunts or solves important problems. Returning now to Cane Corso, the male of Cane Corso, begins to watch the guard much later in the large rozas, the mental growth is slower than that of the males to that of the females. A female of Cane Corso quickly between six to nine months is already guarding you, is protecting her property, a male takes longer mentally, knowing that this is his house and that he has to protect and guard the property in Chandler, Arizona The male is therefore slower and the female faster in mental growth. I am not talking about a bone muscle growth that both the female and the male grow at an impressive speed. We have already commented that the male and female of Cane Corso from the first day of life increase their weight by one kilogram by 50%, they spend in a year, for example, a male almost 50. Imagine the growth So brutal, and everything that those muscles those cartilages and those bones with everything with all those pulls for growth. Today I don’t want to talk about food but imagine how important food is for a breed of large dog like the Cane Corso that multiplies its weight by 50 the first year. This morning I remembered precisely when I started with the natural diet 12 years ago, and the only thing that worried me as a cane corso breeder, was the price I would spend if I went from feed to natural diet, I was only concerned with the feed, How silly, I did not know all the benefits and all the good that the natural diet would bring me, without those moments I would have known everything that is now I would not have thought a minute about the money in the price. The Cane Corso is a very intelligent breed and of course the guard does it very intelligently, it is a dog that is not excessive, it is not a lion that eats everything that moves, the Cane Corso is a dog that is difficult to bite it only bites if you have no choice. Today I am going to explain to you that I have been 15 years and have only seen wonderful things, Cane Corso has taught me to live life differently, Cane Corso has given me many life lessons. When one day you are lucky and honored to be able to enjoy the Cane Corso, you realize many things, for example when you have a bad day and you have anxiety, you just get along with Cane Corso who rubs you and touches your chest and completely removes anxiety. Cane Corso for me is the best breed in the world, it is one of the races, well I would say that it is one of the only races that I know of that can go from zero to 100 in a second and can also go from 100 to zero with the owner’s voice Very fast. There are few breeds that the owner of such a tall dog breed can come down and have so much control over. There are breeds for example like the Argentine Dogo that when they are at the top of everything is very difficult since you can control. Cane Cors Italiano, It is for me the great Ferrari of dogs, because it has power with control. The Cane Corso is as if it were a grounding that removes all your ills, heals your soul. With the Cane Corso I have lived great times and very difficult moments, Obviously there is nothing better than a dog like the Cane Corso that gives you everything for nothing, we are talking about an extremely intelligent breed, A breed that has almost telepathy why it looks at you and knows what you are thinking. The Italian corso It is a dog that is different for example that the bulldog that takes two steps and lies down tired. The Cane Corso is an ideal dog to exercise. To go up the mountain to even go to the beach for great walks and exercise even for people who are very fond of running, running is a dog that little by little if you are used to it, gets used to all kinds of sports, the Cane Corso is health, it is a dog that obviously at the age of a puppy you cannot put to a lot of exercise it is better that it does not go up and down stairs and the sport is slow, why, because all the bones muscles and joints are growing, I have already spoken before feeding and how important it is in a large breed, the Cane Corso grows from one kilo to almost 50 kilos the first year, it is a very fast and brutal growth, so you have to go Piano piano and slowly. The sport at the age of the puppy has to be piano piano you cannot do a lot of sport at the beginning , is important take care of all bones and muscles of our puppy. So What are you thinking. Why you not contact for have the best qualitty of cane corso puppies, we can send to your home in in Chandler, Arizona.


buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona1

buy cane corso puppies in Chandler and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arizona

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