There are many breeds of dog, some prefer the smaller ones and others the larger ones such as Cane Corso. Furthermore, within this group of large dogs there are an infinite number of options but none like the Italian Mastiff, at least for me.

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Now, after this brief introduction, let’s get down to business, the Cane Corso has great qualities and characteristics that make it a special breed, many people would certainly like to have a copy of it at home.

After reading this article you will know whether or not you are a person who likes Cane Corsicans, I am sure the answer will be yes but anyway here I will provide you with important information to keep in mind with your puppy.

Who is the Cane Corso for?

The Cane Corso, like any other dog, is not a breed that will fit everyone because there are people who prefer small dogs and do not go in the direction of the Italian Mastiff which is large in size and characterised by its power.

It is a breed that is suitable for people who have a lot of experience with dogs and for those who have not had any and this is because everything is based on education, that is to say, a well educated Corsican Cane that has undergone a good process of socialization is one of the most wonderful companions that anyone can have at home.

In addition, another of his greatest qualities is that despite being a big and very strong dog he is also easy to control, even with just your voice. This is not the case with other guard breeds which have similar characteristics to Cane Corso in terms of strength and power,
For example, when you focus on an opponent (which may be a cat) it is very difficult to change his energy. The opposite happens with Cane Corso, when it is focused on it and listens to your voice it changes the attention if you give it the order, there are few breeds that have this great capacity of control that’s why for me it is one of the best breeds in the world.

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is an obviously large dog that fulfills a function, that is, it protects you, it is a security guard. For example, suppose a person is in a complicated situation of mistreatment or threatened by his partner and he has a Cane Corso, he will not allow anyone to raise a hand to him.

Even at home we have done experiments in my family where we make the gesture of raising our hand by pretending to hit the other person in play mode and Cane Corso does not like it, he gets in the way and if he sees the game getting more intense his energy goes up. We have done this to check the reaction of the race.

He is a spectacular dog, in principle I recommend him to everyone who wants a big dog, powerful but with a mental balance, a primordial aspect more than anything else for families with children who wish to incorporate into their home a big dog that can live together without problems and with tranquillity.

I always emphasise this point and that is that it is fundamental that the Cane Corso is very well socialised, that the bloodline is very fixed in character, it is necessary to do a good job of educating him from puppies as the genetic imprint remains from his first months of life.

Genetically they carry qualities and behaviours of the parents and much more of the grandparents. The third and fourth month is a very important and primordial age in the education of Cane Corso. It is also necessary for you to know who is the person who gives you the Cane Corso, because in the end you are the one who will reap the fruits of the work he has done.

We are one of the most renowned breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Mylton Keynes, England, we do an intelligent and professional job so that you can enjoy and honour these wonderful dogs and so that you can be amazed at the experiences you will have with this new member of the family.