Yes, as you read it, Cane Corso is the king of the house both inside and outside. And not only that, he has also become the king of many places in the world, such as Maryland.

Although the Italian Mastiff is not the most famous breed of all, it has managed to get more followers as time goes by. If you are one of them and you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Maryland, United States just click on the following link.

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For me the Cane Corso is the best breed in the world, so much so that after many years of experience I have managed to have one of the best Cane Corso dog breeders in Maryland, United States. This is due first of all to my passion and love for what I do, secondly to my background and experience, and thirdly to our world champion X-Man who provides us with dogs of the highest quality. You are sure to have one of the best Cane Corso puppies in the world at home.

There are many reasons why I think that Cane Corso is the king of the house and the world, if you are interested in knowing why I think this I invite you to read this article until the end… I hope you like it… let’s see.

Why is Cane Corso the king of the house?

Cane Corso is a spectacular breed, it is the great guardian, it is a witty and strong breed but also suitable to be and share with the family. He gets along very well with the children, patiently endures all their mischief and when he feels a bit overwhelmed he just steps aside but never hurts the children.

As I mentioned before he is the king of the house inside and out. At home he is a dog that is not nervous, he is very calm, outside the house he is also calm and continues with his guard function which he does in an incredible way. It is a breed that adjusts easily to all scenarios and family members (parents, children, grandparents, etc.) even socializes very well with other pets or dogs that are part of the family.

The Cane Corso meets all the requirements to be the number one guard and family dog breed, for these reasons I say that the Cane Corso is the king of the house.

For example, I have some dogs that live with me at home and are always close to me, they are very calm and always relaxed, they like to rest in their bed. When they go to the city, when they go for a walk they are already dogs that have
More activity, which moves more, if they see some noise or some gesture they obviously make their respective guard and probably start barking to protect their family members, but as I have repeated in several of my articles, they are not going to attack, only if it will be a very extreme situation.

It is also important that you provide him with daily physical activity, that you take him for a walk, this will help him to maintain his balanced temperament that so much characterizes him and differentiates him from the other guard breeds.

A Cane Corso can live in an apartment or in a big house, he is a dog that adjusts easily to any space, the important thing is to keep his daily routine of going out so that he can be distracted and have a healthy recreation, give him a good feeding and provide him with all the necessary care in terms of cleanliness, attention and health.


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If you are looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Marylan, USA I’ll tell you that you came to the right place. In this article and in all my blog you will find very useful information about the breed, you will be able to know better the Italian Mastiff from the point of view of an expert in the subject.

Many people already know that for me the Cane Corso is the best breed in the world, in this text I check it again, it is a breed that can perfectly coexist inside and outside the house and surely we can not say the same of all breeds.

From my own experience I can tell you that Cane Corso becomes a member of the family, it is so simple to live with him, to educate him and to love him that he fits quickly in the home.

I hope you liked today’s article, you know that if you have any question about the breed, if you want to add something else to this text or if you have any doubt you can leave me a comment down here, I am always attentive. We’ll read it soon. See you next time.