Today I want to make a top 5 of the most famous dogs in the world, we already know that the Cane Corso breed is still in a process of popularity but in a few years it will have the recognition it deserves. Now, before I tell you the top 5 I am going to challenge you to tell me in the comments which do you think are the most famous dogs in the world.

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Well, entering again in the subject I want to start with my list, if you want to know which is my top 5 of the most famous dogs read the article until the end… let’s see.

Top 5 most famous dogs in the world

Now I start with the list, in first place would be snoopy a dog created for the movies, a cartoon dog, a dog created in 1950 and that we all know, it is a dog that even the nasa put to his apollo 10 spacecraft, is a super famous dog and that’s why he is in the top 5 of the most famous dogs in the world.
famous dog and that is why he is in the top one of the most famous dogs in the world.

In the top 2 is the saint bernard who was famous in the 80’s because he starred in several movies and stole our hearts, he is a dog that became very famous in the movie Beethoven approximately in the year 80 and in the year 92 he starred in several movies that catapulted him to fame.

In the top 3 is the space dog that was rescued in the streets of Moscow called Laica who was rescued and prepared for her space mission and died from lack of oxygen. She has been a dog very loved by everyone even here in Spain, Mexican made a song for her and she is one of the most famous dogs.

In the top 4 we have bones you have is the dog of the simpsons that has even starred in many of its chapters, is a gangly greyhound that comes out in many shots and many episodes, it is also one of the protagonists of one of the most important doggy series worldwide.

In the top 5 is Lashie a border collie that in the 40’s starred in several movies and several series, even today we see a border collie and we say look here comes Lashie, the influence has become so strong that the breed is more recognized by this name than by its own breed.

Well I hope you have succeeded in our challenge and before reading the whole article you have left your list in the comments.

Surely one question remains to be answered, which is the most famous dog of the Cane Corso breed? this question you surely got it right, yes, it is X-Man the living legend of the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff and I have the pleasure of having him always by my side. I have been told many anecdotes about X-Man, all positive, even other kennels that have X-Man’s offspring use this to sell their puppies, which I do not see it wrong, on the contrary I love that X-Man has so much importance because he deserves it. He has broken many records including being the first Cane Corso in gray color to be world champion, before only the black color was the accepted or the most striking but X-Man has managed to give a 180º turn to this thought.

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If I that after finishing reading this article you would have wanted the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff to be on the popularity list. Although it is not, I do want you to know that it has more and more recognition and prominence in the world. If you want to contribute to its recognition and you are looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Wilmington, United States, remember that you came to the right place, Corsos X-Man is a kennel that guarantees quality, even many of the puppies we have sold have been world champions in different categories around the world.

I hope you liked the article, if you think I missed to mention another dog please leave me a comment as you know I love to read you. Well this text was very authentic as you know I like to be different in this sector of the Cane Corso. See you soon.