I welcome you to a new blog entry, today I want to tell you about particular cases or curiosities about some dogs such as the ugliest dog in the world and the most expensive dog in the world. I also want to tell you briefly why for me the Cane Corso is the best breed in the world, so you will understand why it has become my passion and why I am so happy living my passion.

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Thanks to all the years of trajectory, to all the experiences lived with the Cane Corso including the experience of having the first world champion in gray color called X-Man, I can say today with pride that I am the owner of one of the best kennels of Cane Corso dogs in Santa Fe, United States and the whole world.

Corsos X-Man has become a world reference in the breeding of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff puppies and X-Man is already a legend and will always be in the history of the breed.

Do you want to know the information I have for you today? Did you know that there are records of the ugliest and most expensive dog in the world, I tell you something, in neither case the answer will be the Cane Corso… I invite you to read to the end to find out…let’s see.

Cane Corso the best breed in the world

For me the Cane Corso is the best breed in the world because besides having an impressive aesthetic beauty, its musculature, height, strength and imposing, it is a breed that has a very balanced temperament that loves to live with the family, is the great guardian of the home, loves the company of children and is a very intelligent dog and easy to educate.

The most expensive dog in the world

According to the data I have in the world was a Tibetan Mastiff that was sold in 2011. It was bought by a Chinese businessman and bought it for 2 million dollars, that was the price of the most expensive dog that is known today in the world if someone has other information please put me some comment that I always read you, but in principle the information that I have is this.

The Tibetan mastiff is a breed that can weigh almost 90 kilos is a dog that has a lot of hair, is a dog with a tawny color and the truth is similar to a lion, you look at it and gives the impression that you were in the jungle, it is a very impressive dog and is being used in many people also for dissection is being used by many people also for deterrence to have a dissuasive effect and it is hitting a lot in the and it is very popular in the areas of Europe especially in the areas of England.

It is a dog originating from the nomadic cultures of China and Nepal is a dog that lately has become very popular among people who have a lot of money, millionaire people are putting the focus on that dog, actually for 4000 years is fashionable among people who have more money.

The ugliest dog in the world

Normally what we do are beauty contests, what if the most beautiful dog, what if the dog with the best structure, what if the dog with the best bone, the dog with the best character to show, etc. But there is also a contest in California where other types of characteristics are evaluated in dogs and the prize goes to the ugliest dog in the world.

Do you know which is the breed that usually wins? It is a breed that has already won several times, last year a Xoloitzcuintle won and it had problems in the spine and it is a very peculiar dog, it is a dog that has no hair that seems very strange because it is like a kind of those cats without hair, super rare, the ears are triangular and quite separated, it is a dog that can make between 20 to 25 kilos, not much more, it is a light dog, it is a strange dog the truth. Remember that the breed is Xoloitzcuintle.


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I hope you liked the article I shared with you today, this Cane Corsos community continues to grow more and more and it is a pleasure for me to continue spreading quality information. If you have other data that can complement today’s article, if you know other more expensive or uglier breeds, mention them here below, I always read you. See you next time.