I am very excited because every day we are more and more lovers of the best breed of dog in the world, the Cane Corso, I know this because I am continuously contacted by many people asking for information and wanting to resolve many doubts about the breed.

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And of course, thanks to our long years working with the breed we have managed to position ourselves as one of the breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Rotherham, England, many people contact us because we have gained recognition in the market that we owe largely to our world champion X-Man who has become a legend.

I will now answer some of the questions that most concern people, in this way you will have some useful information that may help you to solve many doubts… let’s see.

Some general doubts about Cane Corso

1 Does Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff lose a lot of hair?

This is one of the questions that people ask me the most, the truth is that Cane Corso loses little hair but it is necessary for you to know some important things so that your coat is healthy and it is the subject of brushing.

It is advisable to do this 3 times a week, in my case I do it when I take them out for a walk or outside because at that time they can shed a little hair but then there is almost no trace of hair in the house.

In addition, after brushing the shine of their coat is more intense. Another very important thing so that the coat does not fall out and so that it is always shiny is its food. I recommend including oily fish or salmon oils in the food Cane Corso because they give the coat incredible shine and care.

And for people with allergies we have excellent news, the coat of Cane Corso does not produce allergies, as you can see it is the ideal breed.


2. Does Cane Corso drool a lot?

Due to the morphology of the dog, many people ask me if the Cane Corso drools a lot, the truth is that there are breeds that have this characteristic more markedly, such as boxers.

For its part, the Cane Corso can drool when it sees food or when it sees a steak, but for example if you go for a walk or exercise with it it is not a dog that is drooling. The same applies when he is at home lying on the sofa, he is a dog that keeps his mouth dry, he just drools a little from the anxiety of seeing food.

Apparently people believe that but it is not common for them. Even the Cane Corso drinks a lot of water as it is a large dog and in this case it does not show continuous drooling either.

Therefore, the answer to this question is that Cane Corso does not drool.


3. Can Can Cane Corso do big exercises?

This is another very recurrent question and the answer is yes, the Cane Corso is an ideal breed for sports, if you like to run 10 or 20 kilometres, if you like swimming, water sports or even low level climbing it is the perfect dog for you.

When the Cane Corso is an adult you can start training him and the truth is that he can do almost everything, marathons, running on the beach or in the mountains, etc. With the theme of swimming or the beach, I can tell you that I have videos of Cane Corsos even diving, it is incredible all the skills they can develop.

You can also start by throwing the ball on the beach or in the water with him so that he learns to swim. For example, when I throw the ball into the water I sink it more and more so that the dog has to make a greater effort to get it out, this way it becomes fun for him.

Even one of my females can dive up to 1.5 meters just to pick up the ball, it’s incredible, it’s a very intelligent breed and it always wants to learn, I even tell you that it has a much more impressive physical condition than yours.

I hope that you liked this article and that the general doubts regarding Cane Corso will be solved, if you have any other don’t hesitate to comment it in this post you know that I love to read you, to solve your questions and to be in contact with you that I know that you are as much a lover of the breed as I am… we will read each other soon.