Cane Corso is a breed that is gaining more and more followers all over the world, today I can tell you that many people write to me and contact me interested in knowing more about the breed, even the content I share in my blogs and YouTube videos have more and more visualizations and impact.

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Surely you would like to know how you can identify those quality that I talk so much about Cane Corso, well, this article will surely help you with this, so I invite you to read until the end…let’s see.

How to identify the quality of a Cane Corso

Today’s article is a little bit more practical, in previous contents I have talked about Cane Corso’s nose and a little bit about the Italian Mastiff’s head. For example, I have a spectacular dog called Olimpa, she is a female that I have chosen for this article because she has long ears and there are many people that lately have the false belief that Cane Corso only looks aesthetically good with the ears cut off.

This is not true, a dog that has typicity quickly sees quality, even in the part of its head. Olimpa is a young female that recently was a puppy but I decided to choose for this case because of the nose and head based on her because for I am one of the most correct, perhaps more than some dogs that are trimmed.

If we look from the top we can detect that the nose is not totally square. On the other hand, the lip doesn’t have to stick out much, it doesn’t have to hang out much and it has to be in cloud form. The nostrils are large and open, there are many specimens that have small holes that would not be the Cane Corso truffle.

When you raise the ears of Olimpa you can see that the head of a Cane Corso looks with a moral phenotype.

When the ears are uncut some people say that it looks like a bull mastic but I want to clarify that no, the typicality of Cane Corso is unique. If this happens to you it is because it is not a high quality specimen. When you see a dog of the quality of Olimpia it does not matter if it has the ears cut off or not, the quality is inherent. It is possible that you buy a dog that indicates the pedigree but that the truth is that they do not have the quality you expect.

If you take into account these tips you will quickly identify a quality Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff.

It is also important to have clear how is the neck of a Cane Corso, it is very strong and if it is of quality must be high, I have found dogs that are supposedly Cane Corsos but has almost no neck in this case the quality is not very good.

In the case of Olimpia being a female and not even a year old Remember that a Cane Corso will be weighing between 45 and 47 kilos and is at its ideal weight.

Remember that a dog does not look better or worse with short ears, this is not related to quality, if the dog has long ears the only thing you have to do is to lift them a little bit so you can see the whole face and head of the Cane Corso and identify its quality seeing the whole picture.

The Cane Corso with the long ears also looks impressive that’s why I wanted to describe Olimpia in this article because in a dog worthy to break those false beliefs, she with her long ears looks incredible, she is a dog that is very admired by the pack.

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Now that you have some data or information that will help you to identify the quality of the breed, surely you will want to get Cane Corso puppies for sale in Mississippi, United States, remember that you can contact me.

If you have any question or doubt leave your comment here, I’ll be happy to read you. See you next time.