In today’s article I want to make a top 5 of the most aggressive breeds according to magazines with animal related topics. .

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My name is JuanMa Morato and I am the owner of Corsos X-Man one of the most recognized kennels of Cane Corso dogs in Manchester, United States here and worldwide. This is due to all the trajectory and knowledge I have about the Italian Mastiff and also to X-Man world champion who has become a living legend in the history of the Cane Corso.

Back to the subject, I want you to know the top 5 of the most aggressive breeds, the first thing I want to make clear is that I do not agree with this, for me the aggressiveness depends a lot on the education process that each puppy has had … let’s see.

Top 5 of the most aggressive dogs in the world. The Cane Corso does not make the list.

According to the sources in the number one place would be the pitbull, this breed has always had a bad reputation regarding aggressiveness and mostly because it has been used many times for dog fights. In my opinion it is an impressive breed, it is a breed that with the right socialization and well worked can socialize with children, it would not have to be an aggressive breed as the magazines and the specialists of the sector say, they consider the pitbull as the most aggressive breed but what I consider is that it is not the breed itself is that there are dogs that of course are out of control, normally because the owners do not educate them. usually because the owners do not educate them well and do not help them to develop a more balanced temperament.

The second breed of the top 5 would be the akita inu which is considered by most of the specialized magazines as another one of the most magazines as one of the most aggressive breeds. This breed is very independent and intelligent and is not a type of dog that is always on top of you like the Cane Corso that always needs to have contact with you and be by your side. The Akita Inu is a very detached dog, it is a very notorious characteristic in primitive breeds.

The third breed in this list would be the Rottweiler, one of the most impressive breeds for me after the Cane Corso. In the sense of guarding for me the Rottweiler is an incredible breed, it has a very good mental and emotional balance and that is why they are so spectacular in guarding.

In top 4 is the German Shepherd, it is a little bit stubborn for my taste because it costs him sometimes to learn but it is an incredible breed, obviously there can be dogs that are out of control but the normal thing is that a person who is a black belt in the breed and who works it in good conditions so that it has a good socialization and that the dog is well accustomed, well trained and well educated will be able to enjoy an incredible specimen.

The German Shepherd is a breed that for my taste has some disadvantages such as barking too much, this is just a comment and it is a personal opinion.

And finally in the number 5 position is the Presa Canario, a breed that has a balance and a very strong mind but it is a temperament not an aggressiveness as the specialized magazine says. This breed should be one of our favorites because it is of Spanish origin, as its name indicates it is rooted in the Canary Islands, it could be one of my favorites if the Cane Corso did not exist, because the Cane Corso compared to the Presa Canario is much easier to control and is softer.

The Presa Canario would be one of my favorite breeds if it were not for the fact that the decibels or the character is a little bit higher, obviously there are people who prefer this type of character because it is stronger or the character of the Dogo Argentino which would be another one that I would
would include here that is not in the top 5.

The dogo argentino for me is an impressive breed and the character of the presa canario and the dogo argentino are very similar.

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