Welcome to a new blog post where I will tell you about some dogs that have earned curious accolades such as the smallest dog in the world, the most aggressive, the fastest and the most loyal. The Cane Corso is obviously the best dog in the world for me and surely for you who are reading this article and today in the name of our beloved breed we will make this list in order to offer you entertaining and interesting content.

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In today’s article we are not going to talk much about the Cane Corso, although you know that although it is not in this list that I will mention below, for me it is the best breed of dog in the world both aesthetically and mentally, it is a beautiful dog on the outside and balanced inside, the best company for the home.

The smallest dog in the world, obviously we are not talking about the Cane Corso.

Do you know who is the smallest dog in the world? The smallest breed in the world would be the Chihuahua which is between 15 and 20 centimeters in size and the weight would be around 2 or 3 kilos. Obviously there are differences between dogs born from the same parents in the same conditions, some come out smaller than others.

The standards and canons of the breeds always try to keep us within certain parameters of weight, height and measurements, therefore it often happens that in the first litter there are puppies with a good size and in the second litter there are puppies that are quite small and there is always one that is left behind.


The most dangerous dog in the world

I would start by saying that there is no such thing as a dangerous dog, the dangerous ones are the owners who often do not educate the dog well, do not set limits, do not educate him in a positive way, do not define rules from puppyhood, etc.

There are also cases of people who hit the dogs and this can lead to aggression and many behavioral problems in the dog.

For me, humans are more dangerous than dogs, both for letting the dog do what it wants and for not setting limits. It is very important that the dog and the owner do a socialization work in the street, that he sees other dogs, that he sees other breeds, that is essential for him not to be aggressive.

The fastest dog in the world

The fastest dog in the world is the English Greyhound that can reach 66 kilometers per hour. One of the most famous series in the world has a greyhound and we are talking about the Simpsons.

The greyhound is a dog that is used for racing bets, it is a sport dog, its musculature is adapted to have the highest speed and agility, it is like the athletes that have musculature and little weight because they have to make long runs, it is a dog for the explosion and for the speed.

There is also another racing breed, the whippet, which is smaller and reaches lower speeds.
smaller and reaches lower speeds. Another curiosity of the English Greyhound is that when they improved the breed in England for racing they used the Spanish Greyhound.

The most faithful dog in the world

Let’s talk about the oldest dog in the world, it is an Australian mongrel dog that lived 29 years and was dedicated to shepherding, he spent almost 20 years working with sheep and acting as a shepherd dog.

In Spain we have a case of a dog that has lived 24 years, it is a labradoodle, it is a mix breed between the poodle and the labrador. It is important to comment that this is a very important thing, the big dogs due to the pumping, the circulation and the subject of the heart last much less time than the poodle.
and the heart issue, they last much less time than the smaller dogs that have much less problems
much less problems then.

Large breeds such as Neapolitan mastiffs or Spanish mastiffs last much less time than for example a poodle or a Maltese, this is a pity but it is so.

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