In today’s article I would like to look more closely at the type of feeding a Cane Corso puppy between 45 days and 4 months which is an essential age in its development. The information I give you here is based on all the years of experience I have in breeding Cane Corsos.

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After so many years of work I have managed to have one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Blackpool, England and this is thanks to our X-man line, our world champion. In addition, the feeding has also been a fundamental aspect to provide all customers with quality puppies and probably the best specimens of this extraordinary breed.

If you want to know all my secrets about good nutrition and implement it in your puppies I invite you to read this article until the end… let’s see.

Feeding routine of a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff puppy

Many people believe that small food is ideal for puppies, this is not true and it is very important to have extra food in a breed like Cane Corso so that you do not have problems related to your muscles. The puppy will have everything it needs with these feeding routines. Remember that we are talking about a large size dog that develops quickly, therefore it is necessary that it is fed properly.

Feeding from 25 to 45 days of age

The feeding routine at this age is done with a bowl for the puppies that includes yoghurt, honey, biscuits and eggs. We often add salmon. All this is a mix and it is liquid, so it is great for preparing the stomach.

In the next step, we start the natural food by giving them the chicken neck part because it is easier for the puppy to bite and it does not have very big bones. We make the liquid and the preparation with kefir or yogurt.

Kérif is something difficult to find in supermarkets but yogurt is not, so don’t get complicated and use the yogurt which is also a good food for the Cane Corso.

Feeding from 45 days to 4 months of age

The feeding routine of our Cane Corsos comprises 3 stages, the first one starting at 8:00 am or 9:00 am with the probiotic (yoghurt). The second is around 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm, we make a mash with our machine containing fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit.

The fruit we normally use is apple which is very good for the puppies, We use many other fruits, but this is certainly the one that is never missing. In addition, the fish we make is a small fish that in Spain is called boquerón, I don’t know the name in the United Kingdom or the United States, but the important thing about this type of fish is that it has no bones.

The part of the chicken we normally use is the breast, which goes raw along with the fish and fruit. The only thing we cook is the pumpkin because this way it is easier for the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff puppies to eat.

The last meal is around 7 or 8:00 in the evening, we prepare a whole piece of a small chicken, a small fish or a small pumpkin, so that the puppy will have no problems eating at the end of the day.

The percentage of food that we normally talk about is around 10% of the puppy’s weight, this is normal for good results but the most important thing we must do is to monitor the puppies, their stomach, analyse whether it is thinner, etc.

It is important to give them a good diet so that they develop their muscles and bones well and for their health. Health, weight and food go hand in hand and at this age the puppy needs much more care in this respect because it is in the process of growing.

I hope this information has been useful to you, remember that feeding our dogs well is also an act of love and commitment to them. A Cane Corso is a great companion and for it is the best breed in the world but remember that it is also a responsibility, you must provide it with good food so that it grows up healthy and strong.

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If you have any questions or if you want to get more information on the subject do not hesitate to leave your comment here, I love to read you, interact with you and solve your questions through all my content formats. See you soon.