buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska

//buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska
  • buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska

buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska

When you start the search for buy a cane corso puppy in Anchorage, Alaska. we have cane corso puppies for sell now. New member for your family a new Cane Corso in Anchorage, Alaska. You have to know well the great breed that is the Cane Corso the Italian Cane Corso is for me the best breed in the world even for all my friends and for all the people who already know the Cane Corso. After a long time in the breed we have many happy customers throughout Alaska, Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Eagle River, Badger, College, Wasilla, Sitka, Tanaina, and Ketchikan. The truth is that all the clients after already having their Cane Corso speak wonders of the breed, and that I am going to explain to you that I have been 15 years and have only seen wonderful things, the Cane Corso has taught me to live the life of otherwise, the Cane Corso has given me many life lessons. When one day you are lucky and honored to be able to enjoy the Cane Corso, you realize many things, for example, when you have a bad day and you have anxiety, you just get along with Cane Corso who rubs you and touches your chest and takes away completely anxiety. The Cane Corso is as if it were a grounding that removes all your ills, heals your soul.


buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska

buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska


With the Cane Corso I have lived great moments and very difficult moments, Obviously there is nothing better than a dog like the Cane Corso that gives you everything for nothing, we are talking about an extremely intelligent breed a breed that looks at you and knows what you are thinking . The Cane Corso is an ideal dog to exercise. To go up the mountain to even go to the beach for great walks and exercise even for people who are very fond of running, running is a dog that little by little if you are used to it, gets used to all kinds of sports, but of course the Cane Corso at the puppy age cannot be forced into anything sports. The bones and muscles are still growing and the tendons have not grown enough so many times experts tell you that you do not have to go up and down the stairs too much because your hips also suffer a lot. The sport at the age of the puppy has to be piano piano you cannot do a lot of sport at the beginning it has to be something gradual and when the Cane Corso is already adulthood with a little training He will get used to all kinds of training, and marathons if necessary, that’s why it is an ideal dog for people who like sports, for people who like to run for people who like to walk, beach lovers, I always say that it is a female is more manageable that a male is more manageable when you go for a walk is not the same a female of 45 50 kilos to a male of 65-70 kilos, Apart from the fact that females for me are more guardians and evolve earlier to make the guard, it is important that the cane corso is in the standard. And when there are situations, for example, that your female Cane Corso sees another adult dog or a cat, it is when there is a difficult situation and it is obviously easier to control the female because it is less weighty to emphasize also that the Cane Corso is a breed. that you can control it with your voice is a race that when you tell it this is a race that is therefore a race that you can control it with your voice, it makes you aware it is capable in a difficult situation to change the chip, this is difficult in other types of breeds for example Dogo Argentino you do not change the chip it focuses and there is no way it gets aggressive and there is no way to change it, for example my wife can walk with X-Men my wife is in 50 kilos a Slim person not woman who does not have much strength and can perfectly control a dog that weighs 70 kilos because it is a control of its owner from head to dog. The world champion X Man is a wonderful corso, who gives us. We have the line of X-man in Alaska. An impressive character in the cane corso and in the puppies, the puppies are safe and easy to train. They are dogs without fear, they are dogs with wonderful health, we have been in the Cane Corso for 15 years. It is also very remarkable that we give a guarantee of health, we offer a superior quality and our quality of health so that you have all the security that your puppy will suffice well, obviously Also very important is the certification of our world champion and our female adult champions and multi-champions. That is why you have to buy your Cane Corso puppy from us and we will send it to your home directly.


buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska1

buy cane corso in Anchorage and breeders of cane corso in Alaska

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