Welcome back to my blog, a place where I like to share quality content for all lovers of the best breed in the world: the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff. Today I want to talk to you about a topic that sometimes my clients or followers are very concerned about and that is about the coexistence of dogs and cats.

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Corsos X-Man is one of the most recognized Cane Corso dog breeders in Albany, United States. We have many years of experience working with the breed, it all started as a passion and now we live from our passion, it is a great dream fulfilled.

In addition, we have in our pack X-Man the first world champion of gray color who has become a living legend of the Cane Corso breed and who has influenced significantly in the evolution of the breed and in the recognition and acceptance of another color other than black in this type of dogs.

Well, after this brief introduction I want to tell you that nowadays the cat has gained a great prominence as a companion pet, years ago few people had one but now it is different, many people have a cat in the house but in many occasions they are also interested in having a dog or a Cane Corso and believe that it is unlikely that at home there is a good coexistence there is that around the relationship of these two animals have become famous many myths that must be disproved … let’s see

Is it better to live with a cat or with a Cane Corso dog?

If you are a fan of dogs and especially of the Cane Corso, this topic will surely interest you. I love dogs deeply but one of the big differences with cats is that they make more fuss or noise, only on occasions such as when they ask you for something.

Who is more affectionate, dogs or cats? I don’t know, I’m hesitating, a cat is something wonderful and they turn out to be too tender as well as a dog. In my case there are days that the cat of my house is more for me than my dogs or the other way around. In general, the truth is that a cat is much more independent, for example, it doesn’t need walks like a dog, you don’t have to take it out three times, but a dog needs much more activity.

There are breeds of dogs like the German shepherd that need a lot of sport as a cat does not need a lot of sport. A cat, for example, doesn’t need you to go home every day to take it out, as long as it has its space to do its basic needs it is perfect. A dog needs a little more dedication because of the walks, sports, etc.
sports, among other things.

A cat normally has a calmer energy, especially when they are adults, although sometimes they are very active and sometimes they break many things, especially because they can climb anywhere in the house so they have everything within their reach.

Can dogs and cats get along well?

The answer is yes, Cane Corsos and cats can get along. We have dogs here and we have two cats. So they are totally used to each other, they coexist perfectly.

We are very happy with the coexistence and here our cats live with 40 or 42 dogs and we all feel very comfortable. And it is one of the legends that people say,
but if the dogs and cats are used to each other, it’s the best thing in the world. A lot of times, my clients have a cat and they buy a puppy. The Cane Corso puppy arrives young and gradually gets used to the cat. Therefore, they can have a good relationship, they can get used to each other perfectly.

We are a clear example of the good coexistence that can exist between the cat and the dog, it is a subject that, you just have to work on it, have some habits, a balance and if everything works and is in harmony you will have two incredible animals at home.

While I was writing this article I had four adult cane corsos next to me, all calm, all relaxed with the cat next to them and it is a symptom that they are used to it and are used to it. Dogs and cats can live perfectly in harmony.

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I hope you liked this article, remember that I read you in comments. See you next time.