Welcome to a new article about Cane Corso, today we will talk about the second most important decision when choosing a dog. The first would be which breed to choose and since this is already clear to us… then it comes to mind, male or female?

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If you still don’t know if you want a Cane Corso female or a Cane Corso male then I will explain you throughout this text the positive aspects of each one of them… let’s see.

Cane Corso: Differences between male and female

The best way to rule out or choose one or the other would be to look at the positive part the male has and the positive part the female has. Let’s analyse within our family nucleus what would suit us best.

Let’s start with the male, what would stand out most is that he would be even bigger than the female. We have to think that the Cane Corso is a large or giant breed, a female can weigh around 50-55 kg and a male 68k.

As we can see, the female although she weighs less does not mean that she is small, in other breeds such as the German Shepherd or the Boxer these changes in volume between genders are more evident.

Although I wanted to put this criterion as part of the differences, perhaps it is not the primary one for making a definitive decision, because the female is still very large.

Let’s move on to what would be the choice of a female, the first thing is that the females mature much faster than a male. A 1 year old male begins to mature, which would be his adolescent phase. On the other hand, a bitch at 8-9 months is already a bitch that is on guard or on surveillance.

When it comes to learning or education, females tend to learn much more quickly. The Cane Corso in general is a breed for work, whether it is for defence, for guarding, for going out for sport, etc. In any case the female is quicker in learning things.

I do not mean by this that the female learns and the male does not, but I do mean that the female is much quicker in this respect.
Level of vigilance. suppose we had a male and a female Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff in a house for vigilance, the male would probably be lying down and the female is the one that would be walking and watching with her ears always on alert and in case the dog barks the male would go to watch immediately.

So, they both keep watch. What happens is that the female is always more alert. The male is calmer, he is looked at more from a distance and when he sees someone calling directly to the door he goes and comes with his great talent, with his great corpulence.

And which is better for the coexistence with the children

I can tell you that I have both males and females and both are spectacular in living with children, in this aspect both are ideal. Although it is a very powerful breed it is also very balanced and this is a great quality.

And if I have a smaller dog at home would there be any inconvenience?

There is no problem either with the male or with the female Cane Corso, both of which coexist perfectly with other dog breeds and even with other animals.

As with any large breed it is normal for them to be more imposing than a small dog but this does not mean that this can affect coexistence, the Cane Corso has good socialisation.

The subject of zeal, how it works.

Bitches go into heat every six months or so. It is a heat that will last about 5 – 6 days of a period and when the menstruation ends, you will have about 3-4 days in which the dog will be fertile. This is where we should be careful if we also have a male in the house or if the neighbour has one because he might get the dog pregnant.

This issue has become a deciding factor for many between male and female and more so if they live in a flat because it is a bit more complicated to handle.

I hope you liked the article and that it helps you to solve the second big question: male, female? The breed is clear to us, isn’t it? Cane corso.