Today I want to talk to you about the golden boys, specifically the formentino. This type of color, or yellow as many people call it, is a color that is becoming more and more fashionable. Formentino is a tawny color that looks like it has a gray mask.

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I am JuanMa Morato owner of Corsos X-Man one of the best Cane Corso kennels in Seattle, United States that has a great recognition worldwide due to all the years of experience and all the trajectory working with the best breed in the world, the Cane Corso or also known as Italian Mastiff.

My great passion is this breed, I have lived and been part of its history and evolution, I even have in my herd the living legend of the Cane Corso and world champion X-Man, thanks to him the gray color became popular in the Cane Corso community, before the only color that was liked was black but now things have changed.

I want the same thing to happen with the Formentino color, nowadays it is not one of the most desired by people, even there are not many quality dogs in this color and the goal is to make it more popular because it is spectacular.

The Cane Corso Formentino or yellow

During all the life the formentino has been a minority color and little important, even they gave you a Cane Corso Formentino and it was related more with exhibitions but not as a member of a home, in this case the families preferred the black color and with the passage of the years the gray began to become very popular also but the formentino color not much.

It has always been more complicated that out of 10 people who see a Formentino, someone looks at it with good eyes and chooses it as a companion. Nowadays things have changed, this color has more and more followers, it is a color that in about five years will be normalized, it will be a color with a lot of demand, for example for a long time I have had very few formentinos, although it has always been a color that I love in my bloodline I usually do not get many of these specimens, I get very impressive black panthers and also many black panthers.
I get impressive black panthers and also many gray ones but a quality formentino costs a little more.

In my opinion the formentino will be a famous color but not very standardized, that is to say, it will be more exclusive because surely there will not be many specimens. We still do not have in the history of the Cane Corso a formentino that has been world champion in certain categories, there is no formentino male at the moment to lead the breed that says here we are the formentinos and now it is our turn.

The formentino is a precious color, the golden color, so I think it would be important that a formentino would win the world championship, it would be very interesting, it would start a new era for this color of Cane Corso. I am working to start his new era, I am not sure if there are formentino puppy champions but the most important thing is to make an adult champion because this title has much more value and recognition, after this would begin the era of the formentino.

It would happen something similar to X-Man who was the first world champion in gray color, now we need a quality formentino champion, hopefully soon that day will come and we will see more formentinos in the world, that breeders in their bloodline have more specimens to sell.

I for one have already mixed formentino females with X-Man, I hope to have good luck with this and of course I will tell you when I get important results. The truth is a little complicated, usually I get gray or blacks of very high quality but the formentinos are becoming to be desired.

Well let’s hope that soon the quality formentinos arrive in our kennel or in any other kennel in the world, I want to see soon the formentino that will lederate the Cane Corsos, that says here is the era of the formentino we have come to stay, that normalizes this type of color and that makes people more interested in acquiring it.


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Thanks for joining me in a new article, see you next time.