Is the Cane Corso a good guardian for your children? Is the Cane Corso a dog with sufficient mental stability that you could leave your children and family with? All these questions will be answered in this article.

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Now, let’s get into the topic of this blog… the Cane Corso, also known as Italian Mastiff, is a dog that because of its appearance and large size can seem rude and even aggressive, but when you research the breed and when you know it personally you can see immediately that it is a loving and familiar dog.

If you want to discover what Cane Corso really looks like with his family and with the children I invite you to read up to the end… let’s see.

Cane Corso the great guardian of your children

Cane Corso is a great guardian, I have already commented many times in other occasions, for me it is one of the best breeds in terms of security, guard or protection especially for the family.

A guard dog can be a breed that is on a farm alone, that has a great character and whose function is to protect the property. There are also guard dogs that are ideal for business people who, even if they do not have a family, need a security guard. In these cases I recommend breeds such as the Brazilian fila, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler… but the Cane Corso has an advantage and that is the mental and emotional balance to protect the family and specifically the children.

It is clear that for the Cane Corso to develop its balanced temperament 100% it is necessary that it has had a good education since it was a puppy and it is important to take into account all the work that it carries out genetically, its parents and grandparents are key examples in its temperament.

The Cane Corso is a good dog to protect our family, parents, children, grandparents? The answer is yes, and it is also incredible the healthy relationship he has with the children, we already know that the youngest in the house sometimes make mischief, the parents are constantly depending on his education, to tell them that he is fine and that he is not.

Regardless of all this, Cane Corso has great patience with them, I even have the experience with my nephews who often see one of my dogs and start pulling on its ears or a paw and Cane Corso is always calmly putting up with their mischief.

When Cane Corso is a little overcrowded and tired of children playing with him, he just moves around. It is impressive… it is a breed that does not make a bad gesture, does not growl, simply avoids the situation. He brings a peace of mind in socializing with the children that is incredible.

Seeing the reaction of a Cane Corso in each of these contexts makes me fall more and more in love with the breed, other dogs would surely react in an unassertive way. For me it is a pleasure to enjoy and discover day by day the temperament of the Cane Corso, which for me is the ferrari of dogs.

Yes, occasionally there may be other breeds that can fit more into your lifestyle, but when you discover the balance of the Cane Corso, how it acts, the power it has and the control it has over itself you become passionate about the breed.

It does not matter if it is a male or a female, the breed is like that in general, it is a characteristic of the breed. It also has some aspects that are exclusive to the breed such as loyalty and contact, which is why I have often said that the Cane Corso should not be left alone in a space or in a field, because there is an attachment issue and the animal would suffer a lot, it is a dog that likes to be with its family.

Remember that its main function is as a guardian of the family, it likes to be in the same environment and space as its own, otherwise it would suffer a lot.

I hope you liked today’s article, surely if you have read this far it is because you have children at home and you want them to be safe with the Cane Corso company, now you know that.

If you have any questions or comments you can write me down here, you know I love to read you. See you next time.