Today I share with you exclusive and unique content, we are going to talk about when a puppy arrives to a new family to a new home, what we have to do and what we should not do, in addition to their care.

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We are very happy but we always have to keep our feet on the ground, the puppy is small in size but it can weigh up to 70 kilos, as for example X-Man.

Limits in the Cane Corso

No matter if it is a male or a female Cane Corso, both are large in size so it is very important to think about the limits I want to set for the dog and each family will set their own, There are people who will not be bothered if the Cane Corso is in the kitchen eating and there are other people who will, so depending on this you analyze what you can allow him and what not. If something bothers you or you do not want to allow certain behavior you must correct it.

On the other hand, there is an aspect that sometimes people like a lot and that is that the dog is on the couch because it is super the dog is on the couch because it’s perfect, there are people who don’t like the dog to be on the couch because since it’s.

Some people don’t like the dog to be on the sofa, so from the time he is small don’t allow him to be on the sofa, it may be funny when he is small but when he weighs about 70 kilos not so much and he probably won’t leave room for anyone else on the sofa.

With the subject of food the same thing we find that puppies and adults can coexist in the same space and that the puppy begins to growl at the adult when he approaches the food, from the first moment you see this attitude you have to correct it so that when the puppy grows up this does not become a problem.

Everything that you don’t cut from puppyhood becomes a problem as an adult, if you set limits you will have a super balanced puppy, super good and above all adapted to what you want as a companion dog or member of your family.

Set the limits you want to enjoy, to be able to have a spectacular relationship with your dog and for him to be your ideal dog when he is an adult, to behave wonderfully and as you want him to.


Care that a Cane Corso needs.

I am going to explain you about the care and the time that we must dedicate to a Cane Corso, let’s start with the ears, for example when the dogs have swum in the beach or in a swimming pool it is better to make sure to dry the ears, but it is important never to use toothpicks we could injure its fragile eardrum and we would leave the animal with hearing loss, the best thing is to dry it with a towel.

If there is water in the ear, as in humans, it could generate fungus in the ear and therefore they will scratch their ears a lot.

On the subject of nails, if it is a dog that has the adequate exercise the expense and the work with the nails will be minimal. On the other hand, if it is a dog that lives in an apartment and goes out less frequently, it will be necessary to take him to the veterinarian from time to time to have his nails trimmed.

Another important issue is the allergy, there are many people with allergies to dogs, the good news is that the Cane Corso does not produce allergy. Another important aspect is the bathing issue, the frequency would be more or less every two weeks with a specialized soap.

On the other hand, if I do not want to have hairballs everywhere in the house, it is important to brush the Cane Corso’s hair constantly, this is more than enough to avoid this situation, it is that simple.


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Now you have more valuable information about the care and education you should give to your Italian Mastiff and you are surely determined to look for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Pierre, United States, then you came to the right place.

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