One of the greatest quality guarantees we have is our world champion Cane Corso X-Man, if you are interested in buy a Cane Corso dog in Walsall, England from the X-Man line I invite you to click on the following link:

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On the other hand, X-Man and the long years of experience with the breed has turned our kennels of Cane Corso in Walsall, England into a place that offers the best quality in this breed.

I have been working with the Cane Corso breed for more than 13 years, I know very well everything about them, not only because I have documented myself in the subject, but also because I have lived with them for all these years.

He was world champion in 2015 in Milan Italy, in the cradle of Cane Corso, where it was more important to win because it was held in the country of origin, is record so far Cane Corso were about 300 or 400 dogs. It was better in breed and also better in champion class.

Among all the world champions of that same year there was a Dogo Argentino, a Neapolitan Mastiff, etc and X-Man was the best dog of this group. He also excelled in other aspects and it is not to be surprised, X-Man is an incredible dog inside and out and by this I mean that he is not only aesthetically beautiful but also has a very balanced temperament.

Let’s talk a little bit about our facilities and X-Man

After many years with Cane Corso I started little by little, as they say without hurry but without pause, to build the kennel that I have today, things were giving and now I have managed to have a place that is a dream for me.

Nowadays we are recognized as pioneers and we have one of the best facilities for Cane Corso in the world, we have 20.000 mtr2, we have all the comforts and specialized areas and in perfect conditions for all the activities of Cane Corso, it is an honor to have this place.

On the other hand, almost without realizing it, X-Man came into my life, it was one of the most important things that has happened to me, it came easily like all the special things in life. I had him with me since his 51 days of birth, the truth is that the first time I saw him he impressed me very much for his bearing and the elegance he had, I had never seen a Cane Corso like this one, he was strong blue very bright, his energy and character gave light to everything that approached him. Every night I slept with him, in principle I always said that I would not sleep with a dog but well X-Man evidently won very quickly from the heart.

Little by little I realized the importance that X-Man could have in the breed, at the beginning I simply thought that he was my particular dog but 6 or 7 years ago when I went to exhibitions I could observe that there were no dogs of this quality, this way X-Man was gaining a great recognition and was becoming winners of almost all the exhibitions.

Thanks to the quality and good training we have with our dogs we managed to get X-Man the title of World Champion and consequently today we have the best Cane Corso line in the world, the X-Man line.

This wonderful dog has not only become world champion, his offspring have also become world champions in different categories such as baby, junior, reserve, puppies. You can find champions in almost every country or part of the world like the United States, South America and Europe.

It is not new that a direct son of X-Man is a champion, it is a quality that is not standard is a superior quality, so when people call me and want a puppy of superior quality at a standard price I emphasize this and I prefer to tell them that our kennel in Walsall, England is not their place.

In our kennel Walsall, England we strive every day to do our job much better, for example some years ago we incorporated the natural diet in the feeding of our Cane Corso puppies, which has given us a quality in good health and we see how generation after generation we can have dogs with better quality in terms of health.

Here we have about 20 Italian Mastiffs and we almost never make visits to the vet for health issues, usually all in this aspect are in good condition.

There are several things that differentiate us from other kennels like the quality that X-Man gives us and the health that generation after generation we have improved. These aspects have helped us become one of the best options in the world in Cane Corso, my name has achieved great recognition around the breed and it is something that fills me with pride, satisfaction and much appreciation.