Care of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso needs a lot of physical activity to stay fit. It is Important, if you live in an apartment, to take a walk and run twice a day at Least.

With puppies, the activity Should be moderate, bone and muscle Because Their system is not fully developed Until 18 months.

For Mental stimulation, it is Necessary That the Cane Corso is give tasks, play with them, practice obedience skills or in the Get Involved They sport you practice. Activity 20 minutes a day is sufficient and better if it is split into 2 times of 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon.

It’s good to bathe your Cane Corso and brush weekly.

The bathroom would be eleven month and use different shampoos Depending on the color, it is worth Noting That blue or gray Cane Corsicans Have more skin problems and You have to use special shampoos.