Many people think that short hair doesn’t require attention, and they are wrong. If you do not keep it clean and you don’t hydrate him, the skin will begins to present problems. During moulting, short hair is more annoying than long hair. Long hairs are seen and absorbed by the brush or vacuum cleaner much better than short hairs. The short hairs are rigid, they stick in the tissues, in the carpets, in the clothes, everywhere. They are so many, they flood everything.

You can follow the next tips so you won’t have this problem and your Cane Corso has a better hair, strong and beautiful.

The Cane Corso should be bathed approximately every twenty days, but if during that time it becomes dirty, obviously don’t hesitate to bathe it again. If we dont baths it, the skin of our Cane Corso will lack of hygiene and aggressive acidic cosmetics. The dirt and the bad smell is the main source of infections.

It’s good to bathe our Cane Corso with a shampoo of high intensity, and with a ph similar to that of the skin of Cane Corso, a PH 7. Use the recommended shampoos without fear. They gather those characteristics, helps our Cane Corso. Fortunately they are very good. They clean very well, they tone and hydrate the skin and the mantle, facilitating the drying process.

When the Cane Corso changes the hair, a bath is recommended more frequently, at least once a week, with hot water. In this way the dead hair will come loose and prepare the skin so that the new hair is encouraged to come out. This will dramatically accelerate the molting period.

It is good to bathe him and then pass the brush type scrapers that remove all dead hair, thus accelerating the process of moulting. The professionals of this breed are obsessed with the maintenance of shiny hair and intense colors, especially the Cane Corsos exhibition and beauty show.

A burnt hair is unrecoverable. You will hear many tricks to intensify the colors. Be very careful. Most of them are acids. They get results instantly on the hair and skin, but burning it. Today he sees it with an intense color, but in a short time it becomes a battered, dull and rough mantle. If what is important in your Cane Corso is the maintenance of the color, bathe it whenever it is dirty with a good Color Enhancing Shampoo.

The enhancing shampoos I recommend are not dyed or aggressive. You can use them as often as you want. My advice is to protect the new hair that grows to be healthy, strong and shiny hair. It is a non-immediate solution but in the medium term it is definitive. It is very good to also clean the ears in each bathroom. Use a good cleansing liquid to help dissolve the cerumen.
It is advisable to leave it for a few minutes and then remove everything.

After rinsing, apply a good shampoo to hydrate. Dissolve the hydrating paste in water and introduce the mixture in a good sprayer. It is very important that it be a product that respects the pH of your skin. we have already commented that the ph of the skin of Cane Corso is PH 7.

A good hydration, nourishes, protects and helps to repair damaged hair. They are products created with an exquisite dedication.

This is very important, do not think that the bathroom will provide all the necessary hydration. Your skin and coat can not get all the nutrients they need from the blood, they are continuously dehydrated. It’s essentialthat you apply external moisturizers frequently. Otherwise it will become rougher, with loss of shine and body.

Therefore, even if you don’t “touch” to bathe, spray abundant moisturizing agent on the hair whenever you need it, so that it is absorbed by the skin and the mantle. Especially if it is windy, you will see that every two or three days the hair will ask you to spray your moisturizing product. Use one that does not require rinsing. Brush him frequently. Have the sprayer with your moisturizing agent next to the brush and get used to spraying a little whenever you need it. This practice, together with proper hydration, will shorten the period of moulting.

A good mantle has a genetic basis, but above all it is the prize of a good maintenance. The time that we have before an exhibition is fundamental. Do not neglect the color. Objectively compare the color of your dog with that of the winners. Do not present a dog with faded, dull color. The color “is also made and maintained”. It is very practical to bring colored chalks, spray, bar or powder in your display case. Touch up with chalks the scratches or any other mark that shows on your Cane Corso.

Once finished the bath and five minutes before entering the stage, spray a polishing spray, in order that the dog enters with an ideal shine. A bleached truffle makes a very bad effect. Even if you have become accustomed to seeing her like that, the judge will especially call her attention. If necessary, do not hesitate, use “Black and Shiny Truffle”. Apply it on the eve. You have to use quality and contrasted products for our wonderful Cane Corso.